InPixio Photo Studio 10.03.0 Ultimate Multilingual
InPixio Photo Studio 10.03.0 Ultimate Multilingual | 523 MB

Photo Studio describes exactly what our software is today: a fully-fledged editing program that lets you create your pictures in your way. We're really excited about this new identity and hope you like the new name as much as we do. And rest-assured, the name might be changing but all the things our users love about Photo Clip are here to stay: Photo Studio 10 will still be a user-friendly photo editing software, full of fun content to help you create the perfect photos and photo montages. Read on to find out more about all the new features and improvements in Photo Studio 10.

InPixio Photo Eraser v10.3.7447.32534
InPixio Photo Eraser v10.3.7447.32534 Multilingual | 51.1 Mb

Tired of taking pictures with all those unwanted background images? Have you ever wanted to just get rid of that sign behind your or those people walking by? Well now you can erase anything in your picture that you don't want there with Photo Eraser for PC. All you need to do is decide which image you want to erase, select it, and click! If there are any slight marks left behind, use the clone tool to blend the colours back in for smooth, seamless appearance. No one will ever know you erased anything and you will have that perfect picture you were trying to capture in the first place.

InPixio Photo Cutter v10.3.7447.32390
InPixio Photo Cutter v10.3.7447.32390 Multilingual | 186.2 Mb

inPixio Photo Cutter lets you produce creative and realistic photomontages in just a few clicks. Thanks to these powerful digital scissors, no more time is wasted cutting out your images down to the nearest pixel since Photo Cutter does it all for you. The time saved can be devoted to coming up with original photomontages that are bound to impress your friends and family.

InPixio Photo Editor v10.3.7447.32247
InPixio Photo Editor v10.3.7447.32247 Multilingual | 199.1 Mb

inPixio Photo Editor is a photo software program that is loaded with features and easy to use. It offers you a whole host of editing options such as photo retouching, cropping, adding filters or frames. We have added several photo retouching modules to this new version, such as self-correction in 1 click or the possibility of adding color effects (LUT) will enhance your photos and give them an original and creative look worthy of a professional. After just a few minutes using inPixio Photo Editor, you will be turning out photographs worthy of a pro!
Photo Mechanic 6 v6.0 build 4538 x64

Photo Mechanic 6 v6.0 build 4538 x64

Photo Mechanic 6 v6.0 build 4538 x64 | 174 MB

Photo Mechanic - photo browser and photo editor efficiently handle thousands of images in single and batch mode, selects from them the most successful, cuts, adds information to photos, rating corresponds with the digital camera, integrated with many editors, including Adobe Photoshop, you can easily export the data. The program is designed for professional photographers and photojournalists processing massive amounts fototsifrovoy information and time-limited.


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