Creo Pro 2.1.1 MacOSX
Creo Pro 2.1.1 | MacOSX | 44 mb

Creo is a MacOS tool which aims to combine the Design and Development process into a single easy to use application. Traditional mobile app creation process is split between the design process and the development process, Creo merges the two separated steps into a single tool which enables you to focus on what makes your app unique instead of wasting time building a nonfunctional prototype or writing the same code to perform the same most common operations. Thanks to our CreoKit we always use NATIVE components and classes, no simulated or web based code is used


AirLiveDrive Pro 1.3.2 Multilingual Portable
AirLiveDrive Pro 1.3.2 Multilingual Portable | 6 Mb
In an age where the Internet has solved most of out disk space problems via cloud storage services, it can become quite a hassle to manage all of them and their contents, especially if you are content with the free version of each of them, which offer a limited amount of storage to boast. Air Live Drive mounts cloud drives as local disks in your computer so you can open remote files with any application without having to synchronize or using local disk space.

Voxengo Elephant 4.9
File size: 8.2 MB
Voxengo Elephant is a mastering limiter AAX, AudioUnit and VST plugin for professional sound and music production applications. The most remarkable feature of this signal limiter is its sonic transparency. Elephant brings sound limiting and loudness maximization without audible "fuzz" and "pumping" sonic artifacts.

Topaz AI Gigapixel 4.3.1 RePack (& ​​Portable) by elchupacabra
Topaz AI Gigapixel 4.3.1 RePack (& ​​Portable) by elchupacabra | 574MB

Topaz AI Gigapixel is the first and only application that uses the power of artificial intelligence to enlarge your images, adding natural details for an amazing result. Using deep learning technology, AIGigapixel can enlarge the image and fill in details that other resizing products do not take into account.

Teorex PhotoStitcher 2.1
Teorex PhotoStitcher 2.1 | 22.7 Mb
Does creating a perfect panorama require professional skills and a high-end camera? Not, necessarily. With PhotoStitcher you can stitch multiple photos into a picturesque panoramic image. The program smoothly combines photos of different resolutions, different shooting angles and even different perspectives into one perfectly aligned panorama depicting breath-taking landscapes, monumental churches or skyscraping mountains that are so hard to fit into one frame.


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