ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software v1.0.55

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ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software v1.0.55
ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software 1.0.55 | 39.8 Mb

Resilient File System (ReFS) is a Microsoft proprietary file system introduced with Windows Server 2012. When mounting ReFS-formatted storage devices on Windows, forensic experts and IT pros often face incompatibility issues - ReFS versions from 2.0 may not be supported by specific Windows editions. ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software resolves the issue by ensuring ReFS support for each Windows version from Server 2012 onwards.[cut]

Regardless of your Windows version, you can benefit from the ReFS rich functionality:
Resiliency to data corruption and an in-built algorithm to ensure maximum volume availability
Data and metadata integrity
Support for large volumes up to 1 yobibyte (= 1.2 trillion TB)
Improved data striping performance and redundancy for fault tolerance
Disk scrubbing to ensure protection against silent data corruption
Shared reserve storage pools for additional fault tolerance and balanced workloads.

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